J. Verdi "La Traviata"

J. Verdi "La Traviata"

based on the novel by A. Dumas "The Lady with camellias"


Despite its venerable age – more than 160 years since its first performance – it still remains one of the most popular, recognizable and beloved in the history of world opera.

The prototype of the main heroine of the opera was the famous Parisian courtesan Marie Duplessis, whose beauty and extraordinary mind attracted many outstanding people. Among them was the aspiring writer Alexander Dumas-son. But this romance didn't last long. At the insistence of his father (Alexander Dumas, the famous author of many novels), Dumas's son broke off relations with his beloved and left Paris, but he could not forget her.

When he returned, it was too late to fix something. Marie Duplessis died of consumption. Shortly after her death, the novel "The Lady with Camellias" was published, in which Dumas acted as a defender of "lost, but lovely creatures" and made his heroine an ideal of a woman who loves to self-sacrifice, standing incomparably above the light condemning her.

Directed by Andrey Nogin

Actors and performers:

Violetta Valeri (soprano) - Winner of the Anna Pavlovskaya International Competition
Alfred Germont (tenor) - Ivan Buyanets

Georges Germont, his father (baritone) - Winner of the international competition Sergey Maidanov

Annina, Violetta's maid (soprano) - Julia Kolevatova, Diploma winner of international competitions 
Flora Bervois (mezzo - soprano) - Winner of international competitions Natalia Starkova
Gaston Vicomte de Letoriere (tenor) - Victor Zhuravlev

Baron Dufol (baritone) - Winner of international competitions Astemir Makoev

Marquis d'Aubigny (bass) - Honored Artist of the Republic of Kalmykia Mikhail Khodzhigirov

Dr. Grenville (bass) - Ashot Babayants

Joseph, Violetta's servant (tenor) - Alexey Ovcharov

Flora's Servant (baritone) - Igor Tarasenko

Dance at Flora's Ball - Irina Kalashnikova, Oleg Aplemakh

The Timekeepers (ballet) - Victoria Kuznetsova, Irina Kalashnikova

Ladies and men, acquaintances of Violetta and Flora, matadors, picadors and gypsies, servants, masks, etc. — Winners of the international competition
artists of the Philharmonic Choir named after V. I. Safonov

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Choir Conductor
Laureate of the All - Russian competition
Elizabeth the Written
a stage director
Andrey Nogin
Diploma winner of the international competition
Natalia Govorskaya
Diploma winner of the All-Russian competition
Yulia Kolevatova
Laureate of the international competition, Winner of the III National Opera Award "Onegin"
Natalia Starkova Ivan Buyanets
Honored Artist of the Republic of Kalmykia
Mikhail Khodzhigirov Viktor Zhuravlev
Winner of international competitions
Astemir Makoev
Laureate of international competitions
Sergey Maidanov
Orchestral conductor
Simone Valeri (Italy)
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