Feel depth of the sound,
Majesty and magic of the organ

Two unique german organs
The "SAUER" organ
from frankfurt an der oder
German «Walker» organ
from the old church in berlin
Organist with a worldwide reputation
Svetlana Berezhnaya
She has performed in fifteen cathedrals around the world:
from Notre Dame de Paris in Paris to St. Thomas Pulpit in New York
The interfusion of light, music and color in light-projection organ performances


Titular Organist of the Philharmonic
Svetlana Berejnaya
Honored Artist of Russia
Svetlana Berejnaya

Svetlana Berezhnaya is one of the best pianists and organists in the music world, a high class musician with a wide experience, widely known in Russia, Europe and the USA as a gifted interpreter of classical music. She is a very bright musician, with her own conception about the capabilities of piano, organ and cembalo. Plenty of her improvisations and transcriptions are used by musicians all over the world as an example of bright and creative re-interpretation of music. Widely known are her transcriptions of Mussorgsky`s "Pictures at an exhibition", Vivaldi`s "Four seasons” and Franck`s Symphony in D-minor, in which the artist`s organ sounds as a whole symphonic orchestra.

…Truly the greatest, the bravest, the most magnificent of all musical instruments created by human genius. This is a kind of pedestal on which the soul ascends to rush into space, when in its flight it tries to draw a thousand pictures, to paint life, to run through the infinity separating heaven from earth
Honore de Balzac
8 (87937) 2-04-22
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