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Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture

"North Caucasus State Philharmonic named after V. I. Safonov"

Dear viewers!

Please pay attention to the basic rules for visiting the Philharmonic, which are developed in order to create the most comfortable and safe conditions for your stay and rest and are obligatory for all guests:

 1. By purchasing a ticket for the Philharmonic's events, the viewer agrees with these Rules and undertakes to comply with these Rules and public order in the Philharmonic's concert halls.

 2. The administration of the Philharmonic Society reserves the right to make changes to the list of performers of the event without prior notice. A change in the performer's staff is not a basis for refund or replacement of the purchased ticket. You can find out about the changes on the day of the concert on the official website and at the box office of the Philharmonic.

3. In order to comply with the requirements of the Federal Law of December 29, 2010 N 436-FZ "On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development", we kindly ask you to clarify the age qualification that allows you to observe the information security of children at Philharmonic events. The specified information is contained in the posters, on the official website of the Philharmonic Society, on the tickets you purchase.

4. Children from 6 years old accompanied by adults are allowed to the daytime concerts of the Philharmonic. In the event that children break the silence and interfere with the performance of the concert, the Philharmonic Society reserves the right to ask adults accompanying the children to take the children out of the hall. Daytime events of the Philharmonic (chamber and symphony concerts) children under 10 can attend free of charge, accompanied by adults. In this case, a separate seat for the child is not provided; for children from 10 years old, a ticket with a seat is purchased.

5. Evening events of the Philharmonic (performances, operas, organ music concerts) can be attended by children from 12 years old with tickets purchased for them and accompanied by adults.

6. Tickets for the children's events of the Philharmonic for the age category 0+ are purchased for all children, regardless of their age.

7. To ensure the safety of spectators, artists and employees, video surveillance cameras operate on the territory of the Philharmonic.

8. The administration has the right not to admit to the territory of the Philharmonic:

- persons in a state of narcotic, alcoholic, toxic intoxication;

- persons in clothes that have an unseemly appearance (in dirty or dirty clothes that have an unpleasant odor).

9. The entrance of spectators into the Philharmonic building, the work of the service personnel is carried out no earlier than 30 minutes before the start of the event. The entrance to the auditorium is carried out after the first bell. After the 3rd bell, entry to the parterre is not allowed. The administrator of the hall takes latecomers to the seats for latecomers (if any) after the opening speech of the musicologist or during the intermission (if any).

For concerts using video projection, film broadcasts, as well as light projection shows, entrance to the hall after the 3rd bell is strictly prohibited. Refunds, provision of seats for another concert (event) or any other compensation in case of delay or non-attendance at the event will not be made.

 10. Entrance to the auditorium is prohibited:

 - in outerwear;

 - with drinks and food;

 - drunk.

11. In order to observe the personal safety of spectators, as well as for a comfortable and pleasant viewing of events, it is prohibited to bring the following items into the premises of the Philharmonic:

 - weapons, flammable, explosive, poisonous, odorous and radioactive substances, stabbing and cutting objects, pyrotechnic devices, laser flashlights, narcotic substances, suitcases, large-sized packages and bags; animals.

Please leave hats, large bags and bulky items in the wardrobe.

Due to the lack of equipped lockers in the premises of the Philharmonic, we suggest that you contact the chief administrator in order to transfer things that are prohibited to be brought into the premises for further transfer to the security service of the Philharmonic during the event.

12. For security purposes, spectators enter the auditorium through a control line equipped with metal detectors. Persons with pacemakers and other medical devices, when approaching the control line, inform the controller about this and show a supporting document. If the viewer does not want to go through the control, the Administration has the right to refuse him to visit the concert hall.

13. The Philharmonic creates the technical opportunity and convenience for visiting concerts by the following categories of persons:

 blind and visually impaired visitors;
 hearing impaired visitors;
 visitors with musculoskeletal disorders.
In the concert halls, separate places have been allocated to accommodate wheelchair users and accompanying persons. Wheelchairs are taken to the concert halls with the help of the Philharmonic staff.

For hearing impaired visitors, professional individual equipment is provided that allows you to hear the sound through closed-type headphones. The equipment can be obtained from the administrator.

At the entrances to the concert halls of the Philharmonic there are buttons to call employees. On the day of the concert, the audience is greeted by the administrator, who helps them navigate the space and introduces the controller responsible for individual assistance in emergencies.

14. The first aid kit is at the Philharmonic's chief administrator.

15. For the duration of the event, all means of communication must be turned off or put into silent mode.

16. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, performances (concerts and other events) of the Philharmonic are intellectual property. In order to ensure the protection of copyright and other related rights, photography, film, video, television, any kind of audio recording of the event or their fragments are prohibited.

17. During the event, do not create situations that create inconvenience to other spectators and artists.

18. While in the building and directly in the auditoriums of the Philharmonic, the Administration urges guests to take care of the property of the Philharmonic, to observe cleanliness, public order and fire safety rules. Material damage caused to the Philharmonic is recovered from the perpetrators in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

19. In accordance with the Federal Law of 23.02.2013 N 15-FZ "On the protection of citizens' health from the effects of second hand tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption" smoking in the premises of the Philharmonic is prohibited.

20. In the event of an unforeseen situation, in each specific case, the viewer can apply for a solution to the problem to the main administrator of the Philharmonic.

We kindly ask you:

 - do not go behind the installed fences, do not open windows;

 - during the event, do not get up from their seats, do not speak aloud, do not walk around the hall, do not sit or stand in the aisles and on the stairs in the concert halls of the Philharmonic. Seats must be taken on specially designated chairs, according to the tickets you purchased - this restriction is set for comfortable and safe viewing of the event;

 - do not enter technical and other premises closed to the public;

 - not to put inscriptions and not to stick up advertisements, posters and other products with informational content; not wear or display signs or other symbols aimed at inciting racial, social, national and religious hatred, promoting violence;

- do not use audio equipment with included sound amplifiers, and do not sing, dance, or play musical instruments in the Philharmonic Hall.


Persons who do not comply with the established Rules, violating public order, posing a threat to the life and health of visitors, may be removed by the Philharmonic Security Service staff from the hall without compensation for the ticket price. Depending on the nature of the offense, the Administration may limit itself to warning or refer the offender to the police for taking appropriate measures.

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