Philharmonic halls

8 (87937) 2-04-22
State Philharmonic named after V. I. Safonov
(all halls and ticket office are located in the same area):
Kislovodsk, K. Marx avenue, 3a
8 (87934) 6-75-56
Concert complex F. Shalyapin
(all halls are located in the same building):
Essentuki, Kislovodsk str., 2
8 (87932) 4-44-74
Hall is situated in the City Palace of Culture:
Zheleznovodsk, Tchaikovsky str., 1
(main entrance to the Resort Park)
Lermontov Gallery Hall and ticket office:
Pyatigorsk, Kirov avenue, 21a
Kamerton Hall:
Pyatigorsk, Dunaevsky str., 5
(park named after S.M. Kirov)
The ticket office of the hall is located next to the Lermontov Gallery hall


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8 (87937) 2-18-01
Working hours:
Mon–Fri 9:00–18:00
(break 13:00–14:00)
Sat–Sun — day off
Mailing address:
357700, Kislovodsk, st. Karl Marx, 3a
Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk and Essentuki branches' director
Tatyana Anatolevna Vishnivetskaya
Reception Pyatigorsk — 8 (8793) 33-91-43
Reception Essentuki — 8(87934) 6-46-20
Deputy General Director for finance
Svetlana Konstantinovna Maevskaya
8 (87937) 2-18-10
Deputy General Director for Concert Activities
Anna Gennadyevna Guzairova
8 (87937) 2-18-90
Deputy gene. director of administrative and economic activities
Alexander Evgenievich Roldugin
8 (87937) 2-18-30

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