«Dedication to the planet»
"Christmas meetings on the Waters"

«Dedication to the planet»

Evening of organ music


Soloist - Honored Artist of Russia Svetlana Berezhnaya (organ)
Our planet is beautiful and amazing! Earth is the only planet in the solar system that has life. And the charm of this life beckons, fascinates, attracts. At all times, people of art have sought to convey their vision of our world. Artists depict its external features, and composers depict its sound richness. A person, with the help of works of fine and musical art, can comprehend this versatility, feel his involvement in the world, and see the unusual, special in what at first glance seems familiar and everyday. And when do these two arts create an indescribable duet? We invite you to enjoy an ensemble of music and an amazing film about our planet.

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Honored Artist of Russia
Svetlana Berejnaya
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J. Frescobaldi – Suite in 3 parts: Ballet – Couranta – Passacaglia

J. Pergolesi – Sonata for organ in F major

J. Morandi – Rondo-immitazione "La Tromba e Campanelli"

J. Caccini – Ave Maria (transcription for organ by S. Berezhnaya)

J.S. Bach – Fantasy in A minor BWV 922

A. Vivaldi – Concert "Summer" in 3 parts from the cycle "Seasons" (transcription for organ S. Berezhnaya)

B. Marcello – Adagio in D minor (transcription for organ by S. Berezhnaya)

J.S. Bach – Chorale prelude "Everything for you, beloved God" BWV 691

J.S. Bach – Adagio in A Minor BWV 564

B. Galuppi – Allegro

D. Bedard – Prelude and Lamento for organ

G. Pierne – Prelude Op.29

F. Poulenc – "Improvisation" (transcription for organ by S. Berezhnaya)

A. Piazzolla – "Milonga" (transcription for organ by S. Berezhnaya)

A. Piazzolla "Libertango" (transcription for organ by S. Berezhnaya)

8 (87937) 2-04-22
8 (87934) 6-75-56
8 (87932) 4-44-74
8 (87933) 9-14-36
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