"Heroes of Great Russia"
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"Heroes of Great Russia"



Our Homeland is great and vast. From time immemorial, it has been famous for its natural beauty: dense forests, deep rivers, abundant
golden fields. But it is famous not only for its open spaces, but also for people: brave, agile, fearlessly defending their native land. In ancient
times, they were called heroes. They are the personification of the deified forces of nature and its invincibility. And a hero is a rich man. What is he
rich in? The great power of the spirit: her enemies have always been afraid of. A narrative about the exploits and courage of ancient heroes, theatrical sketches
their way of life, musical compositions performed on Russian folk instruments are waiting for listeners in the concert program
"Heroes of Great Russia".

Ivan Buyanets (tenor, accordion)
Diploma winner of International competitions Natalia Govorskaya (soprano)
Honored Artist of the Republic of Kalmykia Mikhail Khodzhigirov (bass)
Conducts the program Master of Artistic Expression Igor Drobyshev.

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Artistic word
Igor Drobyshev
Diploma winner of the All-Russian competition
Yulia Kolevatova Ivan Buyanets
Honored Artist of the Republic of Kalmykia
Mikhail Khodzhigirov
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