Igor Drobyshev

Igor Drobyshev
The reader is a master of the artistic word

Born in the city of Grozny

Creative activity:
Collaborated with the theater "Litsedei"
Since 2013, an artist of the North Caucasus State Philharmonic named after V.I.Safonov.

Chamber programs:
As a presenter:
"In the rhythms of passion" (with an ensemble of violinists)
"Along the St. Petersburg"
"Vocal duets. Through centuries and countries"
"Musical fables"
"Musicians joke"
"Once in an opera"
"From heart to heart"
"Romance for all time"

Children's musical performances: 
"Oh, yes, you Fool!" - Damn
"Little Red Riding Hood" - Wolf
"The Adventure of Pinocchio" - Papa Carlo
"Morozko" - The old Man-Borovichok
"The Snow Queen" - The Robber
"The Tale of Tsar Saltan" - The Jester-the narrator
"The Scarlet Flower" - The Servant of the Monster
"Mother Snowstorm" - The Elf
"The Secret of Aibolit" - The Robber, the Bear
 "Gifts from a Fairy Tale" - Elf, Robber

Children's puppet shows:
"Hello, Rabbit! Hello, Fox!"
"The story of dolls"
"How Van dragon won"
"Stairway to heaven"
"Best friend"
"Little giant"
"One – kid, two – calf"
"Northern fairy tale"
"Northern fairy tale-2 or New adventures of Nazarka"
"Northern fairy tale-3 or Nazarka in Africa"

Musical and dramatic performances:
"The Servant of two masters or Truffaldino from Bergamo" (Dr. Lombardi)
"Dog in the manger" (Fabio)

The roles of colloquial and mimic plans in operas and operettas:
J.Rossini "The Barber of Seville" (Ambrogio)
J. Puccini "Tosca" (the executioner Roberti)
P. Tchaikovsky "Eugene Onegin" (Monsieur Guillot)
N.Rimsky-Korsakov "The Tsar's Bride" (Buffoon)
A. Pfluger "Physics" (the performance was awarded the diploma of the "III National Opera Award "Onegin" in the nomination "Event" (St. Petersburg, 2018) - (Policeman)
I. Strauss "The Bat" (Frosh)

Collaborated with conductors:
A. Zhilenkov, D. Botinis, E. Kuliyev, I. Gaisin, G. Chichinadze,
A. Shakhmametyev, R. Belyshev, P. Nikiforov, Yu. Kochnev

Collaborated with directors:
A. Chepinoga, A. Nogin, Diego Willy Corna, A. Davydkina, A.Lazovskaya, A. Tuchkov, S. Krieger, E. Saleikova, V. Persikov, P. Zobnin, A. Shchelkunov, A. Gusarov, S. Gryaznov, Guy Holland

Titles and awards:
Laureate of international theater competitions and festivals of Puppet Theaters: 
International Festival of Puppet Theaters (Prague, 2006)
"I am small, hello!" (Novy Urengoy, 2007),
"Moscow holidays" in the house-museum of Galina Ermolova (2013) and in the museum-apartment of Bulat Okudzhava (2015),
"BRIDGE" (Moscow, 2015),
"KukART" (Moscow, 2015),
"Holiday of the Mountains" (Pyatigorsk, 2019)

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