Musical performance based on the play by Avksenti Tsagareli
28 June Fri


Musical performance based on the play by Avksenti Tsagareli
Music by Gia Kancheli
 Directed by Alla Chepinoga

 Artist - Daria Samorokova

 Choreographer - Tatiana Apelmakh

KHANUMA, matchmaker – Ksenia Trovimova
KABATO, matchmaker – Eleonora Kiprenskaya
PRINCE VANO PANTIASHVILI - Mikhail Khodzhigirov 
KOTE, his nephew - Astemir Makoev
TEKLE, his sister - Natalia Govorskaya
TIMOTHY, his servant - Viktor Zhuravlev
MIKICH KOTRYANTS, a rich merchant - Ivan Buyanets
SONA, his daughter - Anna Pavlovskaya
AKOP, his clerk - Sergey Maidanov
ANUSH, his mother is Natalia Starkova
The bride of the Prince – Yulia Kolevatova

In the middle of the XIX century, the plays of the playwright Avksenti Tsagareli enjoyed great popularity in Georgia. The most famous among them is the musical comedy about a resourceful matchmaker "Khanuma", first staged in 1882. Later, the play was translated into many languages and is popular all over the world.  The play, which has become a classic, has turned into a theatrical bestseller thanks to the memorable melodies of the famous composer Gia Cancelli. Anyone who has once immersed himself in the festive atmosphere of this performance will not be able not to feel the desire to fall under his charm again.

But the main thing is the story itself. The text was easily divided into quotations.

"Tell them I've gone to the estate!"

- It is necessary to have an estate!

Or is it:

The legs are slightly crooked, the teeth are slightly false

Or else:

If you want to wash, here's a chicken, here's your house; if you want to get drunk, here's a chicken, here's your house; if you want to drown yourself, here's a Chicken, here's your house. - And if there is a flood? - Eh! Where is Kura, and where is your home!

For many, the name of the main character, Khanuma, has become a synonym for the word "matchmaker".
"Khanuma" is a classic vaudeville comedy with national music, legends, toasts full of peculiar humor and dancing.
Two matchmakers – Kabato and Khanuma – twist the story of the marriage of the once rich, but ruined Prince Pantiashvili. Kabato wants to be the main matchmaker and builds all sorts of obstacles to Khanum. But Khanuma believes that since "since the light was created, there is no better matchmaker in the world." Who will find the best bride for the prince?..

The play takes place in ancient Tiflis, in the Armenian quarter of Avlabar, where cheerful, hospitable and cunning people live, where Georgian and Armenian families live side by side, and where two matchmakers compete — Khanuma and Kabato.

wo matchmakers, Khanuma and Kabato, compete.

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Laureate of international competitions
Ksenia Trofimova Eleonora Kiprenskaya
Honored Artist of the Republic of Kalmykia
Mikhail Khodzhigirov
Diploma winner of the international competition
Natalia Govorskaya Viktor Zhuravlev Ivan Buyanets
Laureate of the international competition, Winner of the III National Opera Award "Onegin"
Natalia Starkova
Diploma winner of the All-Russian competition
Yulia Kolevatova Igor Drobyshev
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