P.I. Tchaikovsky's lyrical opera "Iolanta"


Directed by Ilya Kachalin
Tchaikovsky's lyrical opera "Iolanta" has become an ornament of the repertoire of the North Caucasus Philharmonic named after V.I. Safonov. The plot of a medieval knight's legend about a blind girl striving for light and love allowed the composer to embody in his latest opera a complex and beautiful world of heroes, faith in the almighty power of goodness and beauty.

The curtain rises, and the royal possessions in Provence appear before the viewer's eyes. A beautiful garden with luxurious bushes of blooming roses. The beautiful Iolanthe, the daughter of King Rene, is walking in the garden. She is blind from birth, but does not suspect her misfortune: by order of the king, it is forbidden to talk about sight and light in front of her. And yet the king does not give up the thought of healing his daughter. At his request, the famous doctor Ebn-Hakia comes to the castle. He undertakes to restore Iolanthe's sight, but only if the patient finds out about her blindness and passionately wants to see. Renee is distraught. He understands what a painful blow the news of the illness will be for his daughter, and does not dare to reveal the secret.

The young Count Vaudemont accidentally gets into the garden of the castle of King Rene, where he meets the beautiful and kind Iolanthe there. Vaudemont is fascinated by her. The knight's excitement evokes a response in Iolanthe's soul. But at the moment of parting, the count is horrified to see that the girl is blind. Overcome with compassion, he tells her about the light - the eternal source of joy and happiness. In ecstasy, Iolanthe listens to him.

Upon learning that the stranger revealed the secret to Iolanthe, the king becomes indignant, but Ebn-Hakia calms him down. Now the path to healing is open. A sudden love for an unknown knight and a passionate desire to see the light help to withstand treatment. Iolanthe sees. The happy father blesses Iolanthe and Vaudemont.

An unusually bright fairy tale opera performed by the artists of the North Caucasus State Philharmonic named after V.I. Safonov is a real anthem of love that can work miracles.

All the actors sing accompanied by the Academic Symphony Orchestra named after V.I.Safonov.


Iolanta, the blind daughter of King Rene - Laureate of international competitions Yulia Kolevatova (soprano)                                                                                

Vaudemont, Count, Burgundian Knight - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Bekmukhambetov Nurlan (tenor)                                                                                 

Rene, King of Provence - Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Guzhov (Moscow/bass)                                                                                      

Robert, Duke of Burgundy - Winner of international competitions Astemir Makoev (baritone)                                                                                    

Ebn-Hakia, Mauritanian doctor - Laureate of international competitions Sergey Maidanov (baritone)                                                                         

Almeric, the squire of King Rene - Viktor Zhuravlev (tenor)                                                                                   

Bertrand, the gatekeeper of the palace - Honored Artist of the Republic of Kalmykia Mikhail Khodzhigirov (bass)

Marta, Bertrand's wife, Iolanthe's nurse - Eleonora Kiprenskaya (mezzo-soprano)

Brigitte, Iolanthe's friend - Natalia Govorskaya (oprano), Winner of the international competition

Laura, Iolanta's friend - Natalia Starkova, Laureate of international competitions (mezzo-soprano)

Servants and friends of Iolanta, the king's retinue - Laureate of international competitions Philharmonic Choir named after V.I. Safonov                         

Creative staff:

Set designer and costume designer - Maria Berezhnaya

Lighting and video projection artist - Sergey Berezhnoy

Assistant Director - Viktor Zhuravlev

Conductor of the choir - Winner of the All - Russian competition Elizaveta Pischnaya

Assistant Director - Anna Guzairova

Concertmasters - Irina Lyabakh, Tatiana Shishkina
Costume designer - Diana Ledovskikh

Sound engineer - Roman Radionov

Lighting and video projection assistants - Nikolay Mokhnach, Viktor Fokeev, Ivan Bezborodov
Operator - Maximilian Filatov

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Choir Conductor
Laureate of the All - Russian competition
Elizabeth the Written
Andrey Nogin
Honored Artist of the Republic of Kalmykia
Mikhail Khodzhigirov Viktor Zhuravlev Igor Tarasenko Eleonora Kiprenskaya
Diploma winner of the international competition
Natalia Govorskaya
Laureate of the international competition, Winner of the III National Opera Award "Onegin"
Natalia Starkova
Orchestral conductor
Laureate of the international competition
Alexander Zhilenkov (Moscow)
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